Our production line consists of 3 Slitters, 2 Large Shears with levelling function, 4 medium Shears with levelling function, and 2 hydraulic swing beam shears.

To ensure accuracy and surface quality is maintained, each production line is separated by material and thickness, allowing us to also maintain each machine’s production efficiency.

Our capability range are listed as below:

Slitter capabilities
Cutting Thickness of 0.3~6.5mm
With maximums of 4-5 feet coils

Large Leveller
5 Feet widths coils
With maximum lengths 3500mm- 6000mm

Medium Leveller
HR/PO1.6-3.0 Width up to 1000mm
HR/CR 3.2-6.0 Width up to 850mm
CR 0.3-3.2 Width up to 850mm
With maximum lengths 2500mm- 4000mm


Our Slitters are imported from Japan, Sonoda Engineering Co. Ltd. To enhance processing time and improve efficiency, each are equipped with interchangeable dual-blades. This can ensure one is used for production while the other one is being prepared. High precision arbor datum planes are used to ensure slitting accuracy and tool life. The machines are also equipped with forceful back-tension uncoiler to maintain correct tension with small dynamic and static friction coefficients protecting the coil's surface quality. Coils are generally used for continuous stamping press/ punching machines and also roll forming machines for products such as slider and tubes. For more examples of application of our materials please head to the application page.


Our Levellers are also imported from Japan, Sonoda Engineering Co. Ltd. Each machine adopts a centralized control platform for production transmission with High-performance PLC programmed allowing operator total control during production. The machines are equipped with high-precision servo and CNC systems to ensure accuracy while the stable hydraulic systems ensure precise feeding and cutting.

Our Shearing Lines can efficiently uncoil, level, and length gauge shear various steel coils into different specifications and dimensions. The machines use fine rollers for multi-support to ensure flatness of the steel sheets while leaving no scratches on the surface nor traces of wheel stops. This integral part of quality production ensures you receive the finest material in support for manufacturing your products. Common application of our cut to length sheets are laser cutting, stamping / press/ punching and also bending. For more examples of application of our materials please head to the application page.